The envoirement represents the assembly of conditions and natural elements of Earth: air, water, soil, subsoil, the characteristic aspects of the scenery, all the atmospheric layers, all organic and anorganic matters, live beings, natural systems during interactions,   including the elements from above, and some material and spiritual values, the quality of life, and the conditions that can influence the well-being and health of the man.This is the definition given in the Law 195 of 22 december 2005, and, if we look around us we can see that we don’t respect almost nothing from the requirements of the law we talked about. The lack of education, the carelessness, some economical interests, make the envoirment every day more weak, and polluted. Affecting the envoirement has serious repercussions on the quality of life, manifesting itself especially by water, soil, and air pollution.  The irrational exploitation of natural resources determinates the irreversible change of the chemical and physical aspect of natural components, generating a disequilibrium  in nature.

There are lots of forms of pollution, that we can synthetize as follows:Biological pollutin, a result of spreading germs into the envoirement, unleashing epidemics. Thankfully, due to the measures taken, especially in the  last century, this has a low frequency in our days.

Chemical pollution, consist of spreading various chemical substances in the envoirement. The principal danger is represented by the high toxicity of these substances.

Physic pollution, heavily bonded with the industrial evolution, it has more components

  • radioactive pollution, as a result from using radioactive isotopes in industry, agriculture, etc.
  • sound pollution represented by  noise, vibrations, and ultrasounds,  present everywhere in the work environment of modern man, having important consequences on the psychosomatic balance, determinating anxiety, palpitations, amnesias, lack of concentration power, headaches, etc.
  • thermal pollution, with influences on air and water.

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